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Title Social determinants of health
Course number 2711
Programme Folkhälsovetenskap
Language English
Credits 3.0
Date 2021-11-22 -- 2021-12-03
Responsible KI department Institutionen för global folkhälsa
Specific entry requirements
Purpose of the course The course intends to enable the PhD student, especially in public health, to acquire increased knowledge and skills to reflect with a research mindset over his/her own PhD thesis from the perspective of social determinants of health and inequalites in health.
Intended learning outcomes On completion of the course the student should be able to:
1. Reflect with a research mindset over major social determinants of health, and their relative importance in different contexts and settings
2. Compare and contrast how social factors may influence disease and ill health and how diseases also may have social consequences
3. Reflect with a research mindset over the social gradient in health
4. Discuss some principal mechanisms by which health inequalities are generated.
Contents of the course The course aims to introduce and discuss some major social determinants of health and their relative importance in different settings and contexts. In addition the course discusses how the distribution of social determinants of health in the population may create a social gradient of disease and ill health in the population and some principal mechanisms by which inequalities in health may be generated. Different measures of socioeconomic position, advantages and disadvantages of the different measures and different data sources are discussed. As part of the course, students are expected in an individual assignment to reflect on their own PhD project from the perspective of social determinants of health and inequalities in health, with reference to the course literature.
Teaching and learning activities Teaching methods will include lectures, seminars, group work and a written individual assignment, and will be based on the course book and selected scientific articles.
Compulsory elements Active participation in seminars and group work is mandatory. The course director assesses if, and in that case how, absence can be compensated.
Examination Successful examination involves
- Completed individual assignment
- Presentation of own written reflection, and commenting on the reflection of others
- Participation in mandatory seminars and group work
Literature and other teaching material Marmot M, Wilkinson RG (eds). Social determinants of health. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006.
Berkman L, Kawachi I, Glymour M. Social epidemiology (2nd edition). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014.

In addition, selected scientific articles will be distributed during the course.
Number of students 10 - 25
Selection of students Selection will be based on 1) the relevance of the course syllabus for the applicant's doctoral project (according to written motivation), 2) start date of doctoral studies (priority given to earlier start date)
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Course responsible Bo Burström
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