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Swedish title Kronisk inflammation i gastrointestinala system: från molekyler till behandling
English title Chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract: from molecules to treatment
Course number 2278
Credits 1.5
Responsible KI department Institutionen för medicin, Solna
Specific entry requirements
Grading Passed /Not passed
Established by The Board of Doctoral Education
Established 2011-03-01
Purpose of the course
Intended learning outcomes After the course the student will have a basic understanding of the pathogenetic mechanisms, clinical manifestations (including histopathologic and endocopic features) and treatment strategies of chronic inflammatory diseases of the GI tract. The students will also be able to discuss and compare differences/similarities between chronic inflammation in the GI tract and reumatological/dermatological inflammatory disorders. Moreover, they will acquire a basic knowledge of unspecific inflammatory process of the GI tract and of cancer associated with colitis.
Contents of the course The course aim to give a comprehensive understanding of chronic inflammatory diseases of the GI tract (irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, microscopic colitis and inflammatory bowel diseases) by addressing issues at a molecular and clinical levels.
The first part of the course will cover epidemiology, genetic and immunological aspects of the diseases. The second part will be dedicated to histopathologic, endoscopic and clinic manifestations plus treatment strategies (focus on biologicals). Diseases associated to inflammatory disorders of the GI tract (for example arthritis, psoriasis, erythema nodosum, primarys clerosing cholangitis, cancer, etc) will be introduced, and similarities/differences at a molecular and pharmacological levels will be discussed.
In the afternoon sessions the students will be given the opportunity to assist to routine medical visits with patients affected by inflammatory disorders of the GI tract and/or endoscopic examinations. The afternoon session give the chance to researchers to be exposed to clinical practice while the morning lectures would like to highlight basic research to clinicians. Exchange and discussion between basic science and clinical practice will be one of the focus of the course.
Teaching and learning activities The course runs for 1 week.
The morning session includes lectures. Clinical cases will be discussed in groups and at least 2 sessions at the outpatient clinic are planned in the afternoon.
Compulsory elements All lectures and seminars are compulsory (not the session at the outpatient clinic and endoscopy). To compensate for absences the students have to submit a literature study on the subjects discussed during the missed lecture/seminar within 1 week after the end of the course.
Examination Oral examination.
Literature and other teaching material References will be prepared and distributed at the beginning of the course
Course responsible Francesca Bresso
Institutionen för medicin, Solna



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