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Swedish title Utmaningar inom hälsoriskbedömning
English title Challenges in health risk assessment
Course number 2378
Credits 1.5
Responsible KI department Institutet för miljömedicin
Specific entry requirements Dokumenterade kunskaper i toxikologi och hälsoriskbedömning
Grading Passed /Not passed
Established by The Board of Doctoral Education
Established 2009-10-02
Purpose of the course
Intended learning outcomes After the course the student will have aquired knowledge and understanding of the complexity of health risk assessment of combined exposures and of the sensitivity of early exposure during development. The student shall have aquired a professional attitude in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of complex risk assessments.
Contents of the course The course will include state-of the art international (WHO, EU, OECD, USEPA etc) procedures and guideance regarding health risk assessment of combined exposures and of the sensitivity of early exposure during development. A special focus will be on developmental exposure and effects that occur at or persist until adulthood. Present international regulatory strategies to assess the health risks related to these effects will be presented and the usefulness and limitations of these procedures will be discussed. Examples will be given on how risk assessment of combined exposure as well as early sensitivity is handled in different regulatory frameworks. Challenges for development of future risk assessment will be discussed.
Teaching and learning activities The course consists of few lectures and several group assignments that are presented orally and discussed.
Compulsory elements Participation in the group work is compulsory. Absence can be compensated after individual agreement with the course leaders.
Examination The examination will test knowledge, understanding and professional attitude according to the learning outcomes. The examination will be based on the final presentation and discussion of group work. If necessary this is complemented by oral questioning (for individual examination).
Literature and other teaching material The course literature will be international reports and scientific articles.
Course responsible Annika Hanberg
Institutet för miljömedicin

Contact person Anna Marcus
Institutet för miljömedicin

Charlotte Nilsson
Institutet för miljömedicin