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Swedish title Grundläggande human neurovetenskap
English title Basic Human Neuroscience
Course number 3220
Credits 10.0
Notes Suitable for doctoral students without medical education at university level.

Responsible KI department Institutionen för neurovetenskap
Specific entry requirements
Grading Passed /Not passed
Established by The Committee for Doctoral Education
Established 2019-09-23
Purpose of the course The purpose of this course is to provide students without a previous education in biomedicine/medicine knowledge in basic human neuroscience equivalent to that of the medical programme. It will satisfy the requirement for a course providing a grounding in human biology/physiology and/or pathology.
Intended learning outcomes After the course, the doctoral student shall have obtained a thorough knowledge about the human nervous system that includes the following: 1) Macro- and microscopic organization and development of the nervous system; 2) Cellular neurobiology including signaling in the nervous system; 3) Structure and function of sensory systems underlying vision, somatosensation and pain, hearing and balance, smell and taste; 4) Structure and function of motor systems underlying the planning, initiation and regulation of movements. 5) Higher central nervous system functions including neuropsychology and regulation of behavior.
Contents of the course The course will follow the curriculum of the Neuroscience course for medical students. The content consists of lectures, seminars and practicals that provide knowledge and understanding of nervous system organization and development, cellular neurobiology, sensory and motor functions, and higher nervous system functions.
Teaching and learning activities Lectures, laboratory practicals, oral exam seminars, and neuroanatomy and neurohistology workshops.
Compulsory elements The three oral exam seminars, the practical test in neuroanatomy and the final exam.
Examination Three formative oral exam seminars, one formative practical test in neuroanatomy, and a final summative written exam.
Literature and other teaching material Mandatory literature: Neuroscience by D. Purves et al, 6th edition, Sinauer, Sunderland, USA.
Course responsible Lennart Brodin
Institutionen för neurovetenskap

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