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Swedish title Lipidmediatorer och inflammation i hjärt-kärlsjukdom
English title Lipid mediators and inflammation in cardiovascular disease
Course number 2920
Credits 0.3
Responsible KI department Institutionen för medicin, Solna
Specific entry requirements Undergraduate study in medicine or biomedicine
Grading Passed /Not passed
Established by The Board of Doctoral Education
Established 2016-03-23
Purpose of the course To provide the course participants with the up-to-date knowledge on lipid mediator-driven inflammation, importance of lipid mediators in the development of cardiovascular diseases, as well as new therapeutic approaches for the resolution of cardiovascular inflammation.
Intended learning outcomes Through the course work, the participants should expand their knowledge in eicosanoid inflammatory mediators in cardiovascular diseases. At the end of the course, the participants should show:
1. good understanding of eicosanoid metabolism
2. good understanding of the pathophysiological importance eicosanoid inflammatory mediators in atherosclerotic diseases
3. a clear view of the possibilities and challenges of eicosanoid metabolism-targeted therapeutics in atherosclerotic diseases.
4. an ability to apply current knowledge of eicosanoid metabolism into research design.
Contents of the course The course module will cover biology of eicosanoids and omega-3 fatty acids, cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase pathways of eicosanoid metabolism, and molecular biology of the eicosanoid receptors. Translational medicine in the resolution of cardiovascular inflammation will be emphasised.
Teaching and learning activities Lectures and seminars.
Debates about clinical issues.
Compulsory elements The participants must attend all lectures/seminars. The students who have missed one session will get an alternative assignment from the module organizers (if absence can be justified).
Examination Written exam.
Literature and other teaching material Handout from each lecture will be provided:
The biology of omega-3 fatty acids
Cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase pathways
Eicosanoid receptors
The resolution of cardiovascular inflammation
Course responsible Magnus Bäck
Institutionen för medicin, Solna

Contact person Nailin Li
Institutionen för medicin, Solna

Clinical Pharmacology Unit
Karolinska University Hospital-Solna