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Title Career Skills for Scientists
Course number 2463
Programme 0-Inte del av forskarutbildningsprogram
Language English
Credits 1.5
Date 2021-01-25 -- 2021-03-19
Responsible KI department Institutionen för lärande, informatik, management och etik
Specific entry requirements
Purpose of the course The goal of the course is to prepare PhD students for work life after dissertation. Be it for the next academic step, to move outside of the academic world, or simply to find out which of these who might be right for you at the moment, we aim to help you get better insight in yourself, the jobs and how to get them.
Intended learning outcomes After the course the participants should be able to:
- discuss their interests and the transferable skills achieved during doctoral training and explain the value of these skills within as well as outside academia.
- discuss career options in academic and non-academic settings, covering different sectors, organizations and career paths.
- apply what they have learned in the course to communicate their skills in different forms (oral, written) and situations (interviews, presentations)
Contents of the course The course is split up in different sessions, given over multiple weeks, so you can continue with your research as much as possible. The different sessions cover exploration of your own skills and interests, information and experiences from academic careers like finding postdoc positions, exploring other career paths to start figuring out “what’s out there”, and preparing you CV. Throughout the course you will get many chances to put your “networking” into practice, through different presenters, the assignments where you will reach out to people, and the possibility to apply for an internship with a company or organization, which tests your CV and interviewing ability against reality.
Teaching and learning activities The course is planned to take place online. Parts of the info is planned to be available in video format through the course web page in Canvas, part to be live sessions on Zoom for interaction with speakers and group discussion. Written homework assignments will be provided and submitted through the course web. The course demands active input and reflection from the participants, so even though it is not provided as a block of 1 week fulltime but as shorter digital sessions over multiple weeks, you will need to carve out time (equivalent to one week fulltime) to prepare and reflect, and to attend live sessions.
Compulsory elements All live sessions are compulsory. Missing of live sessions will need to be compensated by extra tasks as specified during the course.
Examination Digital oral presentations and written projects.
Literature and other teaching material No literature needs to be purchased or arranged prior to the course, but you will get references and tips for further reading as the course progresses.
Number of students 30 - 40
Selection of students Selection will be based on 1) Time left to defence: the further you are in your doctoral studies the higher your priority, as long as you defend after the end of the course. Write your expected end date in your application. In case spots are available for postdocs the selection is based on time until end of final contract/position. 2) Written motivation: this course has many applicants and limited spots, please only apply if you are sure you want to take the course and will make time for it.
More information The course is built up as follows: Jan 25th – Feb 26th: 5 weeks of live course sessions (in Zoom, max 3h/week, focused on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons) and private study (total +- 6h/week). March 1st – March 12th: 2 weeks of individual exam prep and internship info sessions (total +- 4h/week). March 15th – March 19th: 1 week of exam presentations in smaller groups (+- 2h). More detailed schedule will be available to course participants on the course web. For questions about the course content, contact Ayla ( For practical questions about your application, contact Liisa (
Additional course leader
Latest course evaluation Course evaluation report
Course responsible Hanna Jansson
Institutionen för lärande, informatik, management och etik
Contact person Ayla De Paepe