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Title The Vascular Brain
Course number 3193
Programme Neurovetenskap
Language English
Credits 1.5
Date 2020-05-18 -- 2020-05-22
Responsible KI department Institutionen för klinisk neurovetenskap
Specific entry requirements Understanding of basic cell biology and molecular biology.
Purpose of the course Brain function depends on constant supply of glucose and oxygen from blood vessels. Efficient communication between neural cells and vessels is essential for correct brain function and relies on selective transport of nutrients across the blood-brain barrier. Brains are particularly vulnerable to dysfunction of blood flow and loss of barrier properties which can lead to dementia and neurodegenerative disease. The purpose of the course is to deepen the understanding of concepts underlying cerebrovascular development, cell signaling, imaging methods and vascular contributions to neurodegenerative diseases.
Intended learning outcomes After the completed course, the students should be able to describe and understand the principles of molecular and cellular mechanisms responsible for neurovascular development, imaging and vascular contribution to neurological disease. The student should be able to use the acquired knowledge in their specific projects and areas of research.
Contents of the course The course covers central aspects of neurovascular development, cerebrovascular cell biology, blood-brain barrier function, principles of cerebral blood flow and vascular contribution to dementia and neurodegenerative disease. The course will cover genetic animal models, tracer technologies and imaging methods available to study blood vessel function in rodent models and human patients. We will discuss mechanisms leading to vascular dysfunction and loss of blood brain barrier properties as well as recent therapeutic methods to cross the blood-brain barrier for treatments of neurological disease. Highlights from the neurovascular field will be presented in the frame of a minisymposium.
Teaching and learning activities Lectures by invited Swedish and international experts, minisymposium, group and individual work, seminar presentations.
Compulsory elements All lectures and minisymposium are compulsory to attend. Absence cannot be compensated for.
Examination The students should demonstrate that they have reached the intended learning outcomes stated above and to reflect on which aspects are relevant for their own research in during the presentations and discussions.
Literature and other teaching material Relevant original research and review papers will be provided by the course organizers as recommended reference literature.
Number of students 20 - 50
Selection of students Priority will be given to PhD students with ongoing or previous experience with vascular biology issues to help them strengthen their dissertation projects.
More information Hours: 9:00- 16:00 - Mon-Fri
Additional course leader Juliana Kele Olovsson (
Latest course evaluation Not available
Course responsible Sebastian Lewandowski
Institutionen för klinisk neurovetenskap
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