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Swedish title Apoptos: Teori och metoder
English title Apoptosis: Theory and Methods
Course number 1201
Credits 1.5
Responsible KI department Institutet för miljömedicin
Specific entry requirements
Grading Passed /Not passed
Established by The Board of Postgraduate Education
Established 2007-11-08
Purpose of the course
Intended learning outcomes After the course the students will be able to use the knowledge of the principles,
different mechanisms and methods currently guiding research in cell death
(apoptosis). Since during the course all students will present and discuss their
PhD projects, the obtained knowledge will help them to avoid methodological
mistakes and develop their own projects.
Contents of the course Theoretical: The lectures will open with an introduction to cell death and an
examination of the relative significance of apoptosis in biology and medicine.
They will then discuss the latest results available on (i) molecular mechanisms of
cell death, (ii) regulators of cell death and survival, (iii) role of different
intracellular compartments in apoptosis, (iv) role of proteases in apoptosis, (v)
phagocytosis in apoptosis, (vi) inducers of apoptosis, with particular emphasis
on anti-cancer chemotherapy, (vii) inhibitors of apoptosis, with particular
emphasis on therapeutic strategies for neurodegenerative disorders, (viii)
apoptosis in immune system, (ix) relevance to toxicology, (x) oxidative stress
and apoptosis, (xi) apoptosis and cell cycle regulation, (x) methods for detection
of apoptosis.
Practical: The students will work through 5 projects during the week. (1)
Assessment of cell viability. (2) Assessment of apoptosis by examination of the
nucleus (morphology, chromatin degradation). (3) Analysis of apoptosis by
FACS. (4) Analysis of protease activation. (5) Analysis of mitochondrial changes
Teaching and learning activities Lectures, project work, laboratory work, discussions and presentations of students PhD projects.
Examination Oral examination.
Literature and other teaching material Compendium containing 17 essential articles and protocols for practical work
Compulsory elements Lectures, project work and laboratory work are compulsory. If a student misses a compulsory part of the course, this can be completed at the next course occasion.
Course responsible Boris Zhivotovsky
Institutet för miljömedicin

Nobels väg. 13

Contact person Boris Zhivotovsky
Institutet för miljömedicin

Nobels väg. 13

Charlotte Nilsson
Institutet för miljömedicin