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Swedish title Icke kovalenta interaktioner i proteiner
English title Non-covalent interactions in proteins
Course number 1441
Credits 7.5
Responsible KI department Institutionen för biovetenskaper och näringslära
Specific entry requirements Basic knowledge in chemistry or physics from university.
Grading Passed /Not passed
Established by The Board of Postgraduate Education
Established 2007-02-08
Purpose of the course
Intended learning outcomes After the course, the students should have reached correct understanding of the physical basis of the different types of non-covalent interactions and their role in functional properties of protein. Furthermore, the students should have acquired to capacity to correctly devise an experimental strategy within their own research subject and to correctly interpreting experimental results relevant to the topic.
Contents of the course Van der Waals interactions
Hydrogen bonds
Hydrophobic interactions
Packing density of proteins, molecular volume
Debye - Hückel theory
Desolvation energy, Born theory
Calculation of the electrostatic interactions in proteins
Ionisation equilibria
Protonation/deprotonation equilibria in proteins
Application of the theory of electrostatic interactions
Denatured proteins
pH stability of proteins
Thermal denaturation
Interrelation between non-covalent interactions
Thermodynamics of proteins, experiments, interpretations
The analysis of non-covalent interactions for drug design
Teaching and learning activities Lectures by invited speakers, home works, seminars and roundtable discussions
Examination Written exam: three tasks should be solved, solutions should be defended.
Literature and other teaching material Non-covalent interactions in proteins, Karshikoff A, 2006, Imperial College Press, London. Biophysical Chemistry, Cantor & Schimmel, 1980 Freeman & Co, NY
Compulsory elements
Course responsible Alessandra Villa
Institutionen för biovetenskaper och näringslära
+46-8-524 81081

Hälsovägen 5
141 83
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