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Titel Functional Neuroanatomy
Kursnummer 2994
Program Neurovetenskap
Språk Engelska
Antal högskolepoäng 1.5
Datum 2018-09-10 -- 2018-09-14
Kursansvarig institution Institutionen för neurovetenskap
Särskild behörighet
Kursens syfte The purpose of this course is to provide the student with an in-depth understanding of human functional neuroanatomy. Besides human brain the course will focus on the most common animal model, the mouse, in order to point out similarities and differences.
Kursens lärandemål 1) Gain a foundational understanding of human neuroanatomy and be able to contrast it to mice. 2) Be able to identify and understand the macro- and micro-anatomical structures of the adult brain. 3) To understand the anatomy and connections of the main functional systems in the brain 4) To be able to find these structures on Magnetic Resonance Images.
Kursens innehåll A) Anatomical dissection of the human brain to understand its macroanatomy B) Microscopy to understand the histological features of adult human nervous system and how it differs between neocortical and archicortical (hippocampus) regions. C) Main morphological features of sensory, motor, limbic and cognitive functions. D) Microscopy of chosen neocortical, archicortical and cerebellar regions and recognition of the main cellular features between different layers in the respective areas. E) Understanding the principles of afferent and efferent connections.
Arbetsformer Macroscopic dissections in the anatomic theatre, double-head microscopy, practical demonstration, lectures, work in the small groups, students presentation
Obligatoriska moment All parts of the course are compulsory. In case of absence, a possible compensation will be discussed with the course leader.
Examination a) identification of neuroanatomical structures on the pictures of human brain and b) writing an essay (max one A4 page) regarding the anatomy of one of the functional systems according to the instructions of the examiner.
Kurslitteratur och övriga läromedel Any human brain atlas or any book regarding functional anatomy of the human brain. Details will be provided to students 1 month before course start.
Antal studenter 10 - 28
Urval av studenter Selection will be based on 1) the relevance of the course syllabus for the applicant's doctoral project (according to written motivation), 2) date for registration as a doctoral student (priority given to earlier registration date)
Övrig information We will organize an introductory workshop on how to use a microscope for those who are not used to it. Therefore, let us know if you do not have good understanding of how to handle a light microscope and we will make sure to schedule some training for you.
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Kursansvarig Tobias Karlsson
Institutionen för neurovetenskap

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