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Title Career skills for scientists
Course number 2463
Programme 0-Inte del av forskarutbildningsprogram
Language English
Credits 1.5
Date 2018-02-07 -- 2018-03-15
Responsible KI department Institutionen för lärande, informatik, management och etik
Specific entry requirements
Purpose of the course This course prepares PhD students for life after dissertation. You start to explore your transferable skills and how to communicate them. You learn a lot about yourself and the many career paths there are for PhDs. The course also gives you the opportunity to expand your contacts and network. This course gives you the possibility to explore your interests, talents and skills. Course participants also get the opportunity to apply for a one month financed internship at a company or organisation whithin life sciences.
Intended learning outcomes After the course the participants should be able to discuss options in academic and nonacademic settings. The participants should be able to identify transferable skills achieved during doctoral training and be able to explain the value of these skills within as well as outside academia. They will also be able to describe the financing procedure of research projects and discuss project management. They should also be able to apply what they have learned in the course to market their skills in different situations.
Contents of the course The course includes an introductory reflection of the career options available for PhDs and researchers. This will be followed by sessions where academic and non-academic career paths and entrepreneurial options are presented and discussed. The course covers financing of research activities, project management and networking exercises. In addition, the course includes the process and steps in a job application procedure and how to use communication skills in various contexts.
Teaching and learning activities The course will be highly interactive and will consist of lectures, discussions, individual projects and student presentations.
Compulsory elements It is compulsory to attend all the lectures and workshops (except where clearly stated otherwise). Absence from compulsory parts will be compensated for according to instructions of the course director with an additional individual project.
Examination The participants will be examined thorugh oral group presentations and an individual written project.
Literature and other teaching material Recommended "A PhD is not enough: A Guide To Survival In Science" by Peter J. Feibelman, and "Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty", freely available on
Number of students 25 - 35
Selection of students Selection will be based on 1) PhD students who are in their third or fourth year of the doctoral education 2) written motivation letter
More information The course starts on February 7 and ends at March 15. Course days are Wednesdays from 13.00-17.00 during the first four occasions. The last two occasions (March 14 and 15) consists of examinations in half groups from 13.00-17.00. The course takes place at campus Solna.
Additional course leader Kerstin Beckenius Anethe Mansén
Earlier evaluation of the course Evaluation report
Course responsible Hanna Jansson
Institutionen för lärande, informatik, management och etik
Contact person Anethe Mansen
08-524 863 76

Kerstin Beckenius
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