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Title Employing genome-wide technologies for functional regulation in development and disease
Course number 2742
Programme Cell Biology and Genetics
Language English
Credits 1.5
Date 2014-02-24 -- 2014-02-28
Responsible KI department Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Specific entry requirements
Intended learning outcomes After the completed course, the participants will be able to describe the basic mechanisms of functional regulation in non-disease cases from the gene level to the protein level, and at metabolite level, and compare and relate these to dysregulation in disease. The participants will be able to describe and critically evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of the different genomic technologies used in functional regulation studies.
Contents of the course Functional regulation in non-disease cases and dysregulation in diseases at gene level (genomic variation (SNPs), transcriptional variation, transcriptional regulation, post-transcriptional modifications, epigenomics, methylation, ncRNA, protein level (post-translational modifications) and at metabolite level. Novel technologies in gene level and protein level studies. Understanding development and disease through genomic technologies
Teaching and learning activities The course consists of lectures, discussion and seminars.
Compulsory elements The discussions and seminars are compulsory. Absence from compulsory parts is compensated according to the instructions from the course leader.
Examination The students will be examined for knowledge and skills, individually based on the active participation in discussions and groupwise with seminar presentations.
Literature and other teaching material Recent articles on the topics of the course.
Number of students 15 - 20
Selection of students Selection will be based on 1) the relevance of the course syllabus for the applicant's doctoral project (according to written motivation), 2) date for registration as a doctoral student (priority given to earlier registration date)
More information The course is given in collaboration with the RIKEN Division of Genomic Technologies ( The faculty consists of invited speakers from the RIKEN Division of Genomic Technologies and Karolinska Institutet. The course director is Dr. Carsten Daub from Karolinska Institutet and the co-director is Dr Piero Carninci from RIKEN Division of Genomic Technologies. The course takes places at CMB seminar room A216, at KI Solna campus, entrance Berzelius v 35.
Additional course leader Email to course director Dr. Carsten Daub is
Earlier evaluation of the course Not available
Course responsible Matti Nikkola
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
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