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Title Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Course number 2154
Programme Epidemiologi
Language English
Credits 1.5
Date 2013-11-18 -- 2013-11-22
Responsible KI department Institutet för miljömedicin
Specific entry requirements
Intended learning outcomes Students having successfully completed the course are expected to recognize different risk factors or risk indicators for cardiovascular disease and different cardiovascular phenotypes. Students should be able to discuss the study designs most commonly used within cardiovascular epidemiology. In addition, students should be able to interpret study results critically.
Contents of the course Overview and discussion of risk factors/risk indicators - environmental, genetic and biochemical. Discussion of theories and concepts related to common epidemiological and genetic study designs - cohort, case-control, and genetic association studies.
Teaching and learning activities Lectures (cathedral) Group work, to consolidate and reflect upon concepts introduced during the course. Seminars.
Compulsory elements Participation in group work and article seminars is mandatory. Compensation through an individual written assignment.
Examination Learning outcomes will be assessed using 1) a short individual written examination covering different research methods used within cardiovascular epidemiology, and 2) a written group examination.
Literature and other teaching material Rothman K J: Epidemiology: An introduction. Oxford University Press 2002. Burton P R, Tobin M D, Hopper J L. Key concepts in genetic epidemiology. Lancet 2005;366:941-951 Information about selected chapters to read will be given before the course starts. Articles will be distributed before the course.
Number of students 12 - 25
Selection of students Eligible doctoral students will be prioritized according to 1) the relevance of the course for their research 2) the stated motivation for attending the course. We read carefully your motivation to attend the course, motivation and commitment are the most important requisites. There will be no selection based upon type of education and background knowledge, however we will use this information to divide student in groups for the group works, so please indicate it in your application.
More information The course takes place at the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM), Bergendorffsalen from 9 am till 4 pm Monday to Friday. There will be lectures in the morning and group works in the afternoon. External lecturers will be invited.
Additional course leader
Earlier evaluation of the course Not available
Course responsible Bruna Gigante
Institutet för miljömedicin
Contact person Bruna Gigante
Institutet för miljömedicin

Ann Hellstrom
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