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Information on the Personal Information Act (PersonUppgiftsLagen, PUL)

Personal information is collected when:

  • Applying for a Karolinska Institutet (KI) account which is required in order to apply for KI doctoral courses, and
  • Applying for KI doctoral courses for those already having a KI account.

Information submitted with the application for an account in order to apply for KI doctoral courses, or while applying for KI doctoral courses, will be collected in a database for security and administrative purposes. The information thus collected will be retained, because KI is required to save information concerning applications. The course application, including personal information, will be transfered electronically to the appropriate course organizer and contact person. Karolinska Institutet is responsible for this register. The contact person for the register is Åsa Nandorf, Karolinska Institutet, 171 77 STOCKHOLM, phone no +46 8 524 800 00.

Because Karolinska Institutet is a governmental authority, the principle of public information applies. This principle demands that general records must be released if requested by a member of the general public, unless these records have been declared to be secret according to a legal decision.

The applicant may change or delete registered information during the application period by logging into the course website.

For further information on the Personal data Act, contact Karolinska Institutet's Personal Data representative (tel +46 8 524 864 73).

You can also find more information from the Swedish Data Inspection Board's website: